Having been forced to give up my legal career to become a full time carer for my two autistic sons, I have dedicated the last 13 years to raising awareness of autism and ensuring that autistic people have the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. 


I have combined my legal background with the vast experience gained from being an autism parent and supporting tens of thousands of families daily through my online support group, to provide a wide range of effective consultancy services, which include:

1:1 Family Crisis Management

Reasonable Adjustment Consultancy and Sensory Audits for Employers

School Crisis Management

I am incredibly passionate about my work. I have a proven track record of creating change on both a national level and on a personal level for the autistic individuals and families I support.


Together we can make a difference!

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Deborah Brownson MBE


07896 292883



Deborah is based in The Lake District in the United Kingdom, but regularly travels to Manchester & London

Book website: www.hesnotnaughty.co.uk

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